New courses for new managers

These courses are likely to be of interest to staff taking on their first management posts, perhaps as part of last year’s restructuring e.g. Programme Leaders, Heads
of Department or Heads of Administration.
Introduction to Leadership/Management for New Managers
This is a 2-day course which will give new managers insights into the management and leadership role they are taking on, practical approaches to management tasks, and information about where to go next for particular issues which arise.
Topics include: managing workload, relationships with colleagues, creating a motivating environment, communicating as a manager/leader, delegation, encouraging engagement, agreeing objectives.
Facilitator: Valerie Fawcett, OCSLD
Venue: to be confirmed
Dates: 28 November and 1 December   or   10 January and 17 January
Improving financial awareness for non-financial managers
This is a 1-day course for managers to improve understanding of basic finance principles and methods, accountancy terms and procedures and make better use of financial information.
Topics include: accounting profit and cash, accruals, provisions and depreciation, the nature of costs, cost control, adding value and adding cost, budgets and forecasting, communicating financial data to others.
Facilitator: David Hazell, external consultant
Venue: Wheatley training room
Date: 2 November
(There are only a few places left on this course, which was commissioned to support CMLP participants, but it can be run again if there is demand)

Please contact Roy Grant in the first instance:

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