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Last week we opened the latest run of the online course we run for the London School and Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We’ve been running this course twice a year for several years now. The course is for distance tutors who are teaching LSHTM’s distance learning courses on topics such as epidemiology, public health and infectious disease. The course participants are based all over the world. We also run workshops in London for the LSHTM’s tutors, but this course is for those who can’t get to London, or who prefer to study online. Last week I welcomed participants from Zambia, Mozambique, India, Spain and Peru and swapped photos of ‘What I can see from my window’ as we started to build the learning community which will carry us through the next few weeks.

I join the course this time with mixed feelings. This is the hang over from the ‘old job’ and the last time I plan to teach this course. I know I need to create space for heading up OCSLD and am delighted to be able to welcome on board new tutors who will continue next year: Gina Wisker (University of Brighton), George Roberts (OCSLD) and Marion Waite and Jane Goodman-Brown both from Health and Life Sciences. A small part of me is reluctant to let go ….

So, for the next few week’s I will relish the hour a day I have set aside to meet and learn with this group of colleagues from around the world, as we share our experiences of distance learning, discuss the challenges it brings and construct our own strategies for marking, giving feedback and online teaching .

See http://www.brookes.ac.uk/services/ocsld/institutions/clients/teaching-learning.html#distance



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