OCSLD Suggestions Box

Within OCSLD we have been discussing how to plan and deliver our staff and educational development in ways which better meet staff needs, both as individuals and as members of a university going through change. We are looking at what we offer and how it is made available to staff. We welcome any ideas you might have.

Here are some ideas generated so far:
  • offer one-to-one learning reviews with all staff
  • allocate learning ‘vouchers or credits’ to all staff
  • offer more in online format
  • take a ‘pop up shop’/’hoverpod’ around all sites
You can see that we welcome any ideas, however far-fetched they might seem. We are working to turn them into practical solutions. For example,
  • promoting coaching approaches, to help managers conduct learning reviews with staff through the Personal Development and Review (PDR) process
  • using events management software to improve participants’ experience of registering for and attending our events
  • reviewing how our portfolio meets the needs of specific groups of staff e.g. new managers, student facing staff.
Please add your own ideas in our online Suggestions Box. We will review the suggestions at our monthly meetings.

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To support the University’s mission through the provision of high quality internal and external staff and educational development, and to undertake research and publish in those areas.

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