Relaxing about open educational resources

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Claire Burgess (centre) at the OCSLD Christmas Lunch

Today George Roberts and colleagues submitted a bid (OpenLine-vFinal) to the joint Higher Education Academy/JISC call for Open Educational Resources (OER) to support lecturer development such as our Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education. If successful we will develop, run and evaluate a key component of the PCTHE as an open online course. Whether or not this particular bid is successful, and despite the ridiculously short timescale for bidding, the pulling together of the bid has provoked conversations about the extent to which we want to, or indeed can, open up our resources. We have already a space for OCSLD materials within the OER collection in RADAR. Currently it houses materials from one of our online courses (Teaching Online Courses),  as well as resources we are using to support the embedding of the Brookes graduate attributes in programmes.  There’s not much there yet but it’s an important step that signifies our willingness to openly share our resources with colleagues. As with so much of what we do, the technology allows us to do things, but it’s the people, and the cultural change that actually makes things happen.


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  1. February 19, 2012

    […] to openness from the start (with a caveat). As soon as it was written the bid was posted to a public blog. The caveat is that unlike Joss Winn, we didn’t write the bid in public. Five years ago I and […]