Directorates Away Day

The Directorates Away day in January brought the management teams from the Directorates together to discuss the implications of the university’s priorities on our work. The overall plan is to reduce the numbers of students on campus (with more studying in partner colleges) and to reduce the number of buildings and space the university occupies. With the same resource available to support a smaller number of students and space, the aim is to significantly enhance the estates and infrastructure to result in an improved student experience.

There were presentations from Richard Monk on the Estates Strategy and Bill Sturman on the IT Strategy followed by time to work out how we in HR & OCSLD can support these strategies to ensure they deliver their ambitious aims. We can expect in the coming months to be thinking about questions like:

  • What kinds of physical spaces encourage academic communities?
  • What digital literacies do staff need to make use of the technology which will become available?
  • How does participating in staff development develop these digital literacies?
  • How do we engage students in the decisions that are being made which will impact on their time at Brookes?
  • How will both staff and students make use of mobile technology to work and study off campus?
  • How could staff roles change to take advantage of the new IT and physical spaces on offer?
  • What attributes will Brookes staff need to provide students with an exemplary experience?

We talked about the influence that staff have on the student experience, and started to outline what might be expected from staff who work at Brookes in terms of their attributes and skills to support students and make use of technology. We will incorporate these ideas into the forthcoming ‘Interacting with Students’ events and resources and the Recruitment and Selection training and documentation.


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