Online resources in staff and educational development

Last week OCSLD staff and educational developers and support staff met to consider how we could make use of the online resources that are now available. Special thanks to Andrew, Valerie, and Gordon who shared with us their thoughts on using online resources in their areas of work.

We reviewed materials from

I think we came to a consensus that there were reasons for using online resources:

  • to save us time in preparation
  • to save time in the classroom, by asking participants to do work beforehand
  • to reach people who don’t come to face to face courses
  • to provide information and advice at the time that people need it
  • to save costs
  • to track or monitor completion of training and/or achievement of learning outcomes

It was more difficult to reach agreement on how to use online resources to achieve the above. However, we did note the following overarching principles to guide our use of online resources

  • that we should facilitate people who have been using such resources to come together to discuss their learning,
  • that we need to ensure that any materials we use are sufficiently contextualised for Brookes,
  • that materials should be of a high quality, and
  • that user testing & feedback mechanisms are put in place.

We were then able to have a creative and challenging discussion about the areas where were felt there was sufficiently strong rationale for the use of online resources. These are largely where there exists a tension in our current provision between requiring participation from staff, and yet only offering development opportunities in limited formats (usually face to face, whole day, on days we choose). We identified the following as areas of our provision where we believe staff should have the option of online access:

  1. The staff code of conduct
  2. Recruitment and Selection refresher
  3. Health and Safety for staff working off-campus
  4. Induction to the university
  5. Equality and Diversity essentials

In addition, we identified the following areas where there is a demand, which may be growing, where there might be benefit in giving access to some online options:

6. First steps into teaching

7. Leadership and management

We hope to be able to say more about how we will be making use of online resources in the coming months. Comments welcome.



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