Bookmarks for August 14th through August 15th

Here’s what the OCSLD team have been bookmarking recently:

  • Social bookmarking and curation by OCSLD
    How we’re feeding links to and from our social spaces.
  • Providing a Hub for Writing Development
    Mary Deane (OCSLD) and Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams (Coventry) publish a chapter in Thaiss et al ‘Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places’
  • New issue of Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching
    Issue 4.2 includes a variety of types of articles in addition to the familiar research paper. There is a selection of short articles describing some aspect of professional practice, two book reviews and sadly, an obituary.A tribute to Clive Robertson
    Chris Rust and Grant Clendining

    A Level Geography 30 years on: a learner’s perspective
    James Percival, School of Education

    Working in Publishing: what is it really like?
    Nicola Timbrell, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

    Field trips – do they have a role in a business degree?
    Judith Piggott, Department of Business and Management

    Reading the FT!
    David Bowie, Oxford School of Hospitality Management

    Multimedia Innovation in the Philosophy of Language
    Dr Andrew Fisher, University of Nottingham

    Books Reviews:

    Authentic Happiness
    Claire Burgess, OCSLD

    Students’ experiences of e-learning in higher education: the ecology of sustainable innovation
    Rhona Sharpe, OCSLD

  • CICIN – Curriculum Inquiry and Networking
    CICIN seeks to support the development of curricula and pedagogic practices which foster international learning for all. CICIN also provides a forum for sharing resources to support learning and teaching at tertiary level.

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