OCSLD’s review of the year

This week I have been trying to finish off the OCSLD Annual Review report for 2011/12.  This year’s report will differ from previous years in that we have used it to structure our review of the year (rather than report on last year’s activity). The preparation of the report has been a way of focusing some of the outcomes of our conversations about, for example:

  • What do new staff need from us when they arrive?
  • How appropriate is our staff development offer for this university at this time?
  • How does our management and leadership offer need to change to reflect the new faculty management structures?
  • What’s the role of accreditation in rewarding teaching staff?
  • How can we best support faculties and directorates to meet the development needs of their staff?
  • Why do we engage in external activity?
  • How do we know we are doing a good job?
  • What are our plans for next year and beyond?

We have been building in what we see and hear in our link roles, participant feedback from our courses and events and the results of the staff survey. We are trying to adopt a more questioning approach to planning each year’s activities.

The full report will be out in early October, but here are some tasters for you.

7 of OCSLD’s achievements from 2011/12

  1. The strengthening of the link roles meant we were better placed to quickly support faculties and directorates through university initiatives e.g. graduate attribute mapping, needs of staff in new teams through faculty restructure.
  2. We conducted a review of our portfolio of courses to show what is expected of staff in new roles, how OCSLD courses map onto staff roles, and suggested revisions to better fit staff roles and organisational needs.
  3. We supported a major revision to curricula through the graduate attributes mapping exercise.
  4. The staff survey showed the positive difference our extensive support for line managers has had over a number of years.
  5. We reported on a two year review of faculty based student support, leading to a review of the role of the academic adviser, and a renewed emphasis on academic guidance.
  6. We offered tailored support for managers new in roles as a result of the restructure of the faculties through the new Introduction to management and leaderhips days and the Heads Orientation and Development Programme.
  7. We renewed our commitment to making use of technology to offer more staff development in online modes, through the creation of a new post of Digital and Media eLearnign Developer in OCSLD and the purchase of an online events management system – watch this space!

And 7 Objectives for OCSLD 2012/13

  1. Publicise, deliver and monitor uptake of our refreshed and revised portfolio.
  2. Promote a coaching approach to supporting individual personal, professional and career development.
  3. Work proactively with faculties and directorates to support their improvements to the student experience.
  4. Improve access to OCSLD services through a range of online courses and resources.
  5. Modernise administration to provide sector-leading services.
  6. Build capacity to conduct institutionally and nationally significant pedagogic research.
  7. Meet income generation targets through participation in a range of reputation enhancing external activities.

About the author

Rhona Sharpe

Rhona is Head of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development at Oxford Brookes University. Her interests are around developing and tutoring online courses, developing learners for a digital age, and  pedagogic research. Rhona is one of the co-founders of ELESIG (Evaluation of Learners’ Experiences of e-learning Special Interest Group), a Senior Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow. She is Editor of the Brookes eJournal for Learning and Teaching.

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