TeaLab Thursday 7 November 12:00 Gibbs 3.01

Hi all,

The TeaLab topic this week is Flipped Teaching.

This method flips traditional approaches of teaching around, so students engage in learning via technologies before a class, and use the time with their teacher to practice what they’ve learnt. The benefits include:

Space for students who struggle to take time with a subject and seek support in class

Space for high achieving students to stretch themselves with topics and ask probing questions in class

Opportunities for students to collaborate in a structured setting

This approach promotes lesson planning and helps to structure syllabi

Flip teaching exploits digital media and can be engaging for students

In summary, students do the homework BEFORE the class. In this spirit, here is your homework for the TeaLab session this Thursday:

Please watch this clip: http://ctl.utexas.edu/teaching/flipping_a_class/what_is_flipped

Check out this site: http://www.uq.edu.au/tediteach/flipped-classroom/what-is-fc.html

During the TeaLab session we’ll critique Flip Teaching and explore how you might employ some of the strategies in your own discipline.

Do still join us if you haven’t had time to view these sites!

If you cannot attend physically, we are going to make it available virtually. This link only works for the participant login without a password.
To enter the room simply type your name in the single box. Do not enter your p0… number and password. This is an open link to the classroom.

Virtual Classroom log in direct link

NB: This will not work in Google Chrome, but should work in every other major browser.

Please remember that TeaLab is a grassroots movement and is open to anybody. If you think that someone may be interested in attending, then invite them!

Unfortunately, Gibbs 3.01 is NOT wheelchair accessible. We apologise for this, but it was the only room that we were able to book.

See you Thursday.


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