Suggestions for SESE2: What’s missing?

The fifth of our online discussions on the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience (SESE)  is now live. It’s around what’s missing from the SESE that we should include in the next version.

The discussion will led by Helena Webster, Associate Dean Student Experience, Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment.

Brookes staff and students can join in here (you will need to be logged in to your Google @ Brookes account).

The current  strategy was introduced in 2010 and is due to run until 2015. In preparation for the writing of a revised strategy for 2015-2020, we are undertaking a review of the SESE. The four previous discussion groups focused on a critique of the themes in SESE 1. The purpose of this discussion group is to identify any themes that we think were absent from SESE 1. and should be included in SESE 2.

You might like to identify;

  1. Any changes to the external context, social, economic or political, that suggests the need for a new or expanded thematic strand in SESE 2.
  2. Any changes in the Higher Education context that requires a new or expanded thematic strand in SESE 2.
  3. Best practice from within or without Brookes that you feel should be adopted by SESE 2.
  4. An entirely new theme that could put Brookes at the leading edge of learning and teaching.


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