Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in HE Re-validated!

I am delighted to report that after an extensive period of reflection and consultation the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE) was subject to Periodic review and Re-validation last Friday (28/02/2013). The team were very pleased to receive commendations from the Panel for teaching, for participant engagement and for their research-informed practice, which was recognised to be at the forefront of the field of educational development both nationally and internationally. The refreshed programme will enable participants to focus on specialisations in particular disciplinary locations, or modes of practice such as teaching online courses, teaching in clinical contexts or internationalising the curriculum. The programme can now provide a fully online mode thereby increasing the flexibility for staff at Brookes and any other institution of higher education, globally. Professional and workplace-based learning from outside the course can now be recognised within the course. The course takes a broad definition of “teaching”, widening provision for academics and others in positions of direct support and facilitation of student learning processes such as subject librarians, learning technologists, demonstrators, laboratory technicians and others in similar roles. While aiming high, we were able to draw on existing strengths, retaining what is valued in the course and what works. Teaching observations and professional peer and community-based evaluation brings pragmatic, practitioner-centred experience into scholarly evidence. Learning sets are strengthened and continue to provide valuable group support and learning. The overall assessment strategy of the course is retained, with substantially the same five elements, and same progression, aggregation of credit and completion rules. This enables us to maintain our mapping to the Higher Education Academy’s Professional Standards Framework for teaching in higher education.The Associate teachers (AT) course will be retained in Semester one providing an innovative, blended face to face introduction to learning and teaching in higher education. As Subject Co-ordinator through this process, it has been a real pleasure to work with such a creative and dedicated team.

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About the author

George Roberts

George has been at Oxford Brookes since 2000 and joined OCSLD in June 2006 as an Educational Developer (e-Learning). In his previous role he advised the Head of e-Learning and the Senior Management Team of the University on policy for off-campus e-learning and e-learning partnerships.

He leads the MA Education (Higher Education) and teaches on the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE) as well as conducting Course Design Intensives (CDIs) and other educational development activities: workshops and consultancies.

He leads the organisation of the annual Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference (BLTC) and is Managing Editor of the Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching.

George is a visiting Lecturer at Cranfield University and a Visiting Fellow of Edge Hill University.

He wrote his doctorate (July 2011) at the University of Southampton on biographical narratives of adult users of a community IT centre on a large social housing estate.

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One response

  1. Louise

    Congratulations, George and the PCTHE team. Well deserved & good news that fully online mode is also available.

    Good luck.