Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing by Graham Gibbs – another Free eBook

We are pleased to announce another FREE eBook from the OCSLD archives. Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing by Graham Gibbs is available for download now in Kindle and iBooks formats.

“A number of reasons commonly given for lecturing and claims commonly made for the efficiency of lecturers are examined for their basis in empirical evidence and common sense. Most of these claims are found to be somewhat weak. It appears that lecturing takes place rather more often than can be reasonably justified. The real reasons for the popularity of lecturing amongst lecturers are then examined”

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About the author

Simon Llewellyn

Simon recently joined OCSLD in January 2014 as our MOOC Moodle Developer. Simon’s background is in education, eLearning and web development and has previously worked for one of the largest further education colleges in the UK, Coleg Gwent. He has also been involved in researching mobile devices in the classroom and how the use of technology (especially mobile devices) can enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Simon has also recently moved to the Oxford area from South Wales with his wife and is looking forward to getting to know the surrounding area more.

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