SESE Consultation: Elevator pitches

The our online discussions on the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience (SESE)  are continuing, and Brookes staff and students are invited to watch and comment on  some suggestions for issues that we could place more emphasis on in the next SESE. What do you think the focus should be on?

There are  ‘elevator pitches’ from people at Oxford Brookes in response to the question:

‘What could we do that would give rise to significant enhancements in the student experience at Oxford Brookes?’

So far there are ten pitches live:

If you’d like to make a pitch yourself, there is some help here.


About the author

Simon Llewellyn

Simon recently joined OCSLD in January 2014 as our MOOC Moodle Developer. Simon’s background is in education, eLearning and web development and has previously worked for one of the largest further education colleges in the UK, Coleg Gwent. He has also been involved in researching mobile devices in the classroom and how the use of technology (especially mobile devices) can enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Simon has also recently moved to the Oxford area from South Wales with his wife and is looking forward to getting to know the surrounding area more.

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One response

  1. Avatar George Roberts

    A few more pitches now: mine, Garry Maguire’s and Sally Markwell’s