Good news for June

Here’s the latest instalment of good news from OCSLD reported to today’s VCs lunch.

We’ve been out and about at conferences:

A team from OCSLD (Rhona Sharpe, Greg Benfield, Metaxia Pavlakou) and School of Education (Liz Browne) have been awarded £25,000 from the Jisc for a research project on student expectations of technology in further education, part of the Digital Student programme.

Mary Deane and Marion Waite received a Santander Award in order to run the Virtual International Conference, ‘Giving Feedback to Writers Online’ on 26th June

Oxford Brookes chosen as a pilot for the new Equality Challenge Unit race equality charter mark. A race equality charter mark will focus on improving race equality for staff, concentrating on career progression and pipeline issues.

We launched our second Open Online Course which ran through March/April. Called ‘Teaching Online Open Course’, TOOC had 151 enrolments (including tutors and TAs), 14 of whom enrolled for credit (4 external). There was an unusually high level of active participation beyond the first week for an open online course. For example, approximately 50 participants in the week 1 live webinar and still 30+ in the week 3 one.

An advantage of going to an open course format is having a larger cohort than a closed course would have. This makes participant contributions aggregate into larger resources with more impact, variety and sophistication than would be possible with a small cohort. For example, an open Google doc contribution activity (post an icebreaker learning activity design) garnered almost 60 individual icebreaker designs, an impressive collection that pales in comparison to what a cohort of 20 people might have produced. A number of highly appreciative public posts appeared about #TOOC14 on twitter and other social media.


About the author

Rhona Sharpe

Rhona is Head of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development at Oxford Brookes University. Her interests are around developing and tutoring online courses, developing learners for a digital age, and  pedagogic research. Rhona is one of the co-founders of ELESIG (Evaluation of Learners’ Experiences of e-learning Special Interest Group), a Senior Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a National Teaching Fellow. She is Editor of the Brookes eJournal for Learning and Teaching.

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