An update on the LFHE PPR project

The aim of this project is to evaluate how well participative process reviews (PPRs) engage members of a project team to discuss and enact change on an existing process. During our PPR workshops, a facilitator assists the teams in how to effectively:

  • write a Terms of Reference document, which scopes the capability for change;
  • establish the current practice and present this as a process map; and
  • design a new process that is more efficient and effective and present this as a process map.

This project is funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) Innovation and Transformation Fund. This funding has enabled us to conduct these workshops with six external Higher Education Institutions, as well as in several internal faculties and directorates.

To date, we have completed the workshops for our study, and we are currently collecting survey and interview data from members of each PPR team and some of their stakeholders. This will enable us to produce a report with recommendations for how to conduct PPRs and to produce good quality resources for the sector to use when conducting their own PPRs in their own institutions.

More information about our project and others in the current round of the Innovation and Transformation fund can be found on the LFHE website.

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About the author

Stephen Broughton

Stephen is a postdoctoral pedagogic research assistant in the OCSLD. He started working at Oxford Brookes University in January 2015 and is also currently working towards a PhD in Mathematics Education.

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