Digital Course Design Intensives

One kind of support we offer to programme development teams, we call Course Design Intensives (CDI). We have offered CDIs on many topics in many Universities over the past 10 years.

… to support curriculum development of all kinds: assessment redesign, the development of brand new courses, designing for graduate attributes, even redesign of whole suites of undergraduate programmes. The process has been adopted by several UK universities, including the University of Brighton, Coventry University, Robert Gordon University and the University of Oxford. The CDI process has also been taken up in Australia.(OCSLD CDIs background)

The current focus of our CDIs is the Brookes Technology Enhanced Learning Framework and the National Union of Students Digital Experience Benchmarking Tool.

A CDI team would be led by OCSLD Education Developers and may include colleagues from Digital Services, PLSEs from the faculties.Subject Librarians, Quality Officers and OBIS.

CDIs work best if all the key people in the teams are present, including Academic managers and lecturers, DMELDs, Programme Managers, Subject Librarian and Quality Officer.

CDIs work best if there is more than one development team involved..

In essence we start with your challenge, analyse it collaboratively, break into small working groups to address elements of the challenge. and then bring them together with a clear action plan for next steps. A CDI might be seen as an action planning workshop, a design studio, live project or a development needs analysis. The key is working with authentic materials towards a validated module or programme change. Often CDIs can produce new or updated Module Descriptors and Programme Specs, teaching websites in Moodle, Assignment Briefs, video introductions, syllabus, etc.

A minimum of a half-day would be needed. Depending on the scope of your development you might want to devote two half-days or more.

We aim to run two or three CDIs over the summer and into next semester.

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About the author

George Roberts

George has been at Oxford Brookes since 2000 and joined OCSLD in June 2006 as an Educational Developer (e-Learning). In his previous role he advised the Head of e-Learning and the Senior Management Team of the University on policy for off-campus e-learning and e-learning partnerships.

He leads the MA Education (Higher Education) and teaches on the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE) as well as conducting Course Design Intensives (CDIs) and other educational development activities: workshops and consultancies.

He leads the organisation of the annual Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference (BLTC) and is Managing Editor of the Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching.

George is a visiting Lecturer at Cranfield University and a Visiting Fellow of Edge Hill University.

He wrote his doctorate (July 2011) at the University of Southampton on biographical narratives of adult users of a community IT centre on a large social housing estate.

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