Call for abstracts – Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference 2018

Deadline for abstracts Friday 16 Mar 2018.

The 2018 Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference will explore “Transformation”. The conference brings us together as a multidisciplinary learning community to share insights and experiences that enhance our understanding of progress, change, catalysis, resistance, intention and innovation in teaching and learning.

TRANSFORMATION is at the heart of education. We will explore transformation in relation to:

  • STUDENTS: How far and in what ways are students transformed by university learning experiences?
  • STAFF: What kinds of transformation have staff and teams experienced as teachers and as learners?
  • ENVIRONMENTS: How do spaces, and the ways in which we occupy them, transform learning?
  • DISCIPLINE AND CURRICULUM: What transformations have happened within disciplines and degree programmes, e.g. in terms of content, interdisciplinary relationships and professionalisation?

The conference will welcome contributions to these strands in a variety of forms, including standard individual or team papers, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, group of flash presentations (i.e. a set of 1 to 5 minute mini-talks), workshop or demonstrations.

Please visit the emerging conference website:

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